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Our story

Our mission is to deliver the best to our customers every day. From the smallest to the largest area to be designed, we focus on function in addition to aesthetics,enhancing senses through design.


And for this, technology is present at every stage. From the use of modern software for creation to presentation to the client, with an immersive experience using virtual tours in augmented reality. In this way, we add proximity between the digital project and what will be executed.


Felipe Castellões


Nice to meet you, I'm Felipe Castellões!

I am 31 years old and have been working in the Design and Interiors area for 12 years. In 2018, I founded Sense Lab with the aim of elevating sensory experiences to different levels, taking into account the customer's perception at all stages: from the first contact, through the creative stage to the final project. Therefore, I seek to discover new companies, materials and technologies, attending the most renowned design fairs in the world, such as Salone Del Mobile Milano and Expo Dubai.

My trajectory so far reflects on the performance of the entire team and thus increasing the professionalism of the studio.

Sense Lab Design


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